Affected by the epidemic, revenue before Huangshanghuang Lantern Festival fell by more than 60 million yuan
On March 20, Jiangxi Huangshanghuang Group Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Huangshanghuang”) released an online briefing session on the 2019 annual results.Huangshanghuang executives said that due to the epidemic, revenue before Huangshanghuang Lantern Festival fell by more than 60 million yuan.The annual report shows that in 2019, Huangshanghuang achieved revenue of 21.17 trillion, an increase of 11 years.56%; realized net profit 2.20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 27.45%.Regarding the plan to “double the profit of three years from 2018 to 2020 on the basis of the profit of 2017”, on March 20th, Chu Jun, chairman and general manager of Huangshanghuang stated that the company is confident to complete the 2020 business plan and achieve the goal of doubling.Talking about the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Zhuang Xihua, the secretary and chief financial officer of Huangshanghuang, said that before the Lantern Festival, the normal revenue increase of Huangshanghuang should be 15% -18%, but affected by the epidemic, the revenue decreased by 6000More than ten thousand yuan.After mid-February, the transfer of personnel from various places began to resume work, online orders, takeaway delivery and other methods to increase the amount of shipments. For three consecutive months and 19 months, the revenue growth rate increased by 6%, and the pre-judgment was gradually increased by the end of March.Digits.In terms of online transactions, in 2019, Huangshanghuang achieved transaction volume through online flagship stores, word-of-mouth and takeaway platforms3.24ppm, of which, pure e-commerce business revenue reached 7981.580,000 yuan.Zeng Xihua said that the majority of pure e-commerce revenue is derived from the membership system, and the existing Huangshanghuang has exceeded 10 million omnichannel members.The company’s independent director Wang Jinben also proposed that in 2020, Huangshanghuang will continue to strengthen its online business and strive to increase the proportion of online transactions to 30%.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Baoqing