2016-17 UEFA Cup semi-finals announced: Manchester United led the draw on April 21
In the early morning of April 21st, Beijing time, the 2016-17 Europa League ended the second round of the quarter-finals.Manchester United, Ajax, Celta Vigo and Lyon eliminated their opponents and advanced to the semifinals.  Celta, who won at home in the first round, went to Belgium to draw 1-1 with Genk. The combined victory in the first round totaled 4-3 and eliminated the opponent to advance to the semi-finals.Manchester United and Anderlecht tied 1-1 in 90 minutes, with a total score of 2-2 to enter overtime.Overtime to overcome the goal of teenager Rashford Manchester United 2-1 lore, total score 3-2 club history for the first time in the semi-finals (including the predecessor League Cup).  Schalke 04 defeated Ajax 2-0 in 90 minutes at home and scored 2-2 in overtime in two rounds.Overtime, Schalke advanced one goal, had the opportunity to eliminate opponents, but lost two consecutive goals, and eventually lost 2-3, the total score was eliminated 3-4, Ajax advanced to the semifinals.Besiktas defeated Lyon 2-1, with a total score of 3-3 in two rounds and failed to score in 30 minutes of extra time.In a brutal penalty shootout, Lyon won a 7-6 thrilling victory and eliminated Besiktas in the top four.  According to UEFA’s schedule, the draw of the semi-final match of the UEFA Cup will be at 19 pm on April 21 Beijing time (at 13 pm Central European time on April 21) at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.There is no seed team for the semi-final draw, and the final home team and away team will also be determined at the draw ceremony.  The two rounds of the Europa League semi-finals will be played on May 5th and May 12th, Beijing time. The winner will advance to the finals.The final of the Europa League this season will be played at the Friendship Stadium in Solna, Sweden, in the early hours of May 25th.UEFA Cup semi-finals: Manchester United (England), Celta Vigo (Spain), Lyon (France), Ajax (Netherlands)