】 _Date_How to remove

[How to remove sulfur from red dates?
】 _Date_How to remove

There are a lot of nutrients in red dates, and they are also helpful to human health.

If you use red dates to soak in water every day, you can play a role in warming your body over time.

However, the quality of red dates sold on the market today is uneven, and there are still some red dates added with sulfur.

So the question is, if there is sulfur in the red dates purchased, what method should be used to quickly remove them?

You can use water to remove the sulfur in the red dates, but all the red dates have been smoked with sulfur. If it is a red date from the manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed.

So remind friends when buying red dates, pay more attention to the product information behind their packaging bags, otherwise it will be easy to buy fake products. Look at the color of red dates 1, the color of good jujube skin is purple, and the color is a little heavier.It’s like burgundy, and it is relatively bright, and that kind of dates is better; 2, the color of good dates should be uniform, the uneven color may be caused by the long storage time and the emergence of insects, you need to check it carefully; 3If there is a perforation at the pedicle of the red date or a brown or dark brown powder sticks to it, it means that it has been crushed by the insect. If you open the date, you can see the insect feces between the meat cores.

Second, look at the appearance of red dates 1. The red dates are large and uniform, short and round, and the tops are square, and the surface wrinkles are fine. 2. The quality of uniform and intact date varieties is more reliable. 3. If the red dates areThere are perforations or brown or dark brown powder sticking at the end, indicating that they have been crushed by the insects. If you open the date, you can see insect feces between the meat cores.

Third, the feel of jujube 1, the feeling of light red dates, fine flesh; 2, soft and rough feel is not dry, poor quality; 3, soft and sticky hands, indicating that it is very moist, can not be stored for a long time.

Fourth, taste the taste of red dates 1, cut open the red dates, the flesh is pale yellow, thin and solid, there is no thread connected, the quality of the sweet and waxy entrance;Insufficient or sour quality.