Blanchett’s “Mrs. America” as controversial anti-feminist landed on Hulu
According to foreign media reports, FX’s new drama “Mrs. America” starring Kate Blanchett has announced a fixed notice.The story takes place in the 1970s, and Blanchett will play the highly controversial anti-feminist Philis Sgaraffley in history.Although she is a woman, she is a staunch anti-feminist and has engaged in fierce confrontation with the leaders of various feminist movements on the Equal Rights Amendment, which advocates equality between men and women.It is reported that the drama has a total of 9 episodes, which will be aired on April 15th, US time.In the play, Kate Blanchett played by Felice Scarafley is a well-known conservative activist against feminism, homosexuality, and legalization of abortion. She proposed “positive women”This concept restores the value of traditional American women by returning to the family and resuming the role of good wife and mother in the family, and contributes to maintaining the stability of the American family, reviving and promoting the traditional American civilization, but it also bringsThere are certain consequences.It is reported that the director of the film “Captain Marvel” Anna Burton, Ryan Flake will direct the first two episodes of the show, Davide Valle (“Advertisement Mania”) screenplay and act as executive producer.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun