Affected by the epidemic, revenue before Huangshanghuang Lantern Festival fell by more than 60 million yuan

Affected by the epidemic, revenue before Huangshanghuang Lantern Festival fell by more than 60 million yuan
On March 20, Jiangxi Huangshanghuang Group Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Huangshanghuang”) released an online briefing session on the 2019 annual results.Huangshanghuang executives said that due to the epidemic, revenue before Huangshanghuang Lantern Festival fell by more than 60 million yuan.The annual report shows that in 2019, Huangshanghuang achieved revenue of 21.17 trillion, an increase of 11 years.56%; realized net profit 2.20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 27.45%.Regarding the plan to “double the profit of three years from 2018 to 2020 on the basis of the profit of 2017”, on March 20th, Chu Jun, chairman and general manager of Huangshanghuang stated that the company is confident to complete the 2020 business plan and achieve the goal of doubling.Talking about the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Zhuang Xihua, the secretary and chief financial officer of Huangshanghuang, said that before the Lantern Festival, the normal revenue increase of Huangshanghuang should be 15% -18%, but affected by the epidemic, the revenue decreased by 6000More than ten thousand yuan.After mid-February, the transfer of personnel from various places began to resume work, online orders, takeaway delivery and other methods to increase the amount of shipments. For three consecutive months and 19 months, the revenue growth rate increased by 6%, and the pre-judgment was gradually increased by the end of March.Digits.In terms of online transactions, in 2019, Huangshanghuang achieved transaction volume through online flagship stores, word-of-mouth and takeaway platforms3.24ppm, of which, pure e-commerce business revenue reached 7981.580,000 yuan.Zeng Xihua said that the majority of pure e-commerce revenue is derived from the membership system, and the existing Huangshanghuang has exceeded 10 million omnichannel members.The company’s independent director Wang Jinben also proposed that in 2020, Huangshanghuang will continue to strengthen its online business and strive to increase the proportion of online transactions to 30%.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Baoqing

He did n’t win by scoring high scores, but Bill 50+ back to back created an awkward record

He did n’t win by scoring high scores, but Bill 50+ back to back created an awkward record
Bill scored a high score but set an awkward record.Back to back against the Bulls, Bucks, Bill scored 53 points and 55 points successively, creating a new career high in a single game, but all became empty cuts, helpless to see the Wizards encounter a losing streak.Today, the Wizards at home against the league leader Bucks, the Wizards star Bill played 41 minutes, 19 of 33 shots, including 8 of 13 three-pointers, crazy scored 55 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, still unable to overcome the home teamwin.The two sides fought fiercely to overtime, and the Wizards regretted losing 134 to 137.Yesterday against the Bulls, Bill scored 53 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, both creating a career new high and rising to second place in the team history.The battle against the Bucks is back-to-back, and the opponent is the top of the league. Bill has repeatedly set his personal gathering record. He has no choice but to beat his four hands. Middleton contributed 40 points in the opposing team.Kunbo also had 22 points and 14 rebounds.At the end of the last game, the team scored 53 points and the team still lost. Bill has created an awkward record. This season, there have been 10 50+ NBA games. Players who scored 50+ averaged the team to win, and Bill became the first time.Empty cut party.After the game, Bill created multiple records while encountering the embarrassment of empty cut again.Bill scored 53 points and 55 points in the past two days. Such a wonderful personal performance is indeed commendable.The last player to score 50+ in a back-to-back game was Kobe. In March 2007, Kobe Bryant scored 60 points and 50 points on March 23 and 24, respectively.If the scope is limited to two consecutive games, players who have scored 50+ in both games but cannot win are not without. Chamberlain, Harden and Booker have all encountered similar embarrassment.However, back-to-back games scored 50+ but lost consecutively. Bill is the first player in NBA history to have this encounter.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofread Liu Jun

Behind the speed limit of Baidu’s online disk: a member can earn about 100 yuan?

Behind the speed limit of Baidu’s online disk: a member can earn about 100 yuan?
Recently, the developers of Pandownload, a software that can crack the download speed limit of Baidu’s network disk, have been caught, which has caused many netizens to convert this and exposed the problems in the network disk and download related industries to the public’s vision.Sauna, Yeenet tested the mainstream network disks on the surface of the city from April 20 to 27. It was found that the current network disk operators all adopt the operation mode of charging storage space, and all of them regard download speed as the focus of publicity. Baidu onlyThe disk adopts a mode of operation that provides a large amount of storage space for free but limits download speed.Why are many users dissatisfied but Baidu’s network disk still has a speed limit?In addition to Baidu network disk, what options do users have?How does a network disk make money?How to improve user experience?”The problem with the existing network disk industry is that domestic network disks initially compete for free, which makes it difficult for users to accept the habit of charging. However, for network disk enterprises, storage space is a hard cost. If the network disk has tens of millions of usersQuantity, storage costs may reach 200 million to 300 million, so there is a contradiction.Wang Mengxuan, an analyst at iResearch, told the sauna and Yewang.Why is the Baidu network disk cracker caught controversy?The download is unlimited and free, but it is illegal. On April 15, the Yangzhou cyber police publicly released a “net war report”, saying that pandownload software can break through the official settings of Baidu network disk with non-member permissions to achieve high-speed download.Invaded and illegally controlled computer information system programs and tools, and therefore arrested its developers.According to the police report, the developer rented a web server for update and maintenance and released a collection code for accepting donations. At the same time, he established a QQ group, received a group entry fee ranging from 1 to 10 yuan to the group members, and stopped the illegal illegal profits.More than ten thousand yuan.Such a report has caused too many netizens to “condemn” Baidu’s network disk.Why is the arrest of the cracker of the network disk causing some netizens’ preliminary?In fact, the cracked version partially meets the needs of netizens.Some netizens called the developer of pandownload a “hero”. “No matter how fast the home network is, the download speed of Baidu’s network disk is always only tens of KB. After the file is uploaded, it can be downloaded all day, and the membership fee is changed.速度快,不限速,而且软件完全免费,只依靠网友捐献维持运营,是‘良心’软件。”Li Xin (a pseudonym), who had a cracking software development experience, told the sauna, Yewang, pandownload is just one of many cracking software.“其实就算封禁了一个pandownload,也会有其他软件代替它的位置,没人能保证软件不会出现破解版,许多开发者都是出于兴趣‘用爱发电’制作类似的破解软件,也有一些Pop-up windows or some private goods will be set up, but as long as there is technology, the behavior of cracking the software will always exist, but most of the cracking software operation steps are relatively cumbersome, so it is difficult to promote, pandownload is only a fewTen thousand people are using it.”In Wang Mengxuan’s view, the cracking software for network disks does not need to bear the storage and cost reduction of network disks. The cost of development and operation of the software itself is relatively relative, and there is no great pressure even for users free of charge.”Such phenomena are still difficult to avoid.”On April 26, Sauna and Yewang searched on Baidu with pandownload as the keyword. The top links are all about the download of the software and whether there are alternatives. This explains the cracked version of the software from the side.Market demand.It should be noted that most cracked versions of the software are free.李鑫告诉记者,不收费,而在软件中设置捐献选项是许多破解软件的习惯性做法,但“在pandownload这一案例中,不排除有其他人在分享该软件时加价‘倒卖’,以此Profit.”Sauna, Yepan download pandownload found that the screenshot of the software interface has” permanent free, can be resold “, and set up WeChat and Alipay accounts that can be donated.李鑫表示,其实开发者自身也清楚,虽然需求存在,但破解版软件的存在本身就违反了法律法规,“pandownload本身就是游戏软件里‘外挂’一样的存在,只不过由于大家对百度网盘限速行为的反感,才有了广泛的‘群众基础’。”The lawyer of Beijing Zhilin Law Firm and the intellectual property center of China University of Political Science and Law specially accused Zhao Ozong of the analysis and weighing that the cloud storage service provided by the network disk operator to users needs to pay a lot of huge costs, and it is difficult to cover all costs by advertising revenue alone.At the same time, users also have different personalized needs, and some users have higher demands for storage space and download speed, so providing charging services to users has become a popular business model.This business model itself has also been protected by law. The practice of destroying technical protection measures through technical means and seriously affecting the normal operation of network disk operators also damages the legitimate rights and interests of users.”According to the provisions of the Criminal Law, the behavior of pandownload is to provide programs and tools specifically for intrusion and illegal control of computer information systems, which are suspected of constituting the crime of illegally invading computer information systems.Gold; if the circumstances are particularly serious, it shall be imprisoned for more than three years and less than seven years, and may be gold.”Zhao Occupation said.Why are users dissatisfied but Baidu still limits the speed?Difficulties in the survival of the network disk industry at high cost: can users earn 100 yuan to make a profit?Why are users strongly dissatisfied with the speed limit, but Baidu SkyDrive still restricts the download speed?From April 20th to 27th, Sauna and Yeenet downloaded 10 network disk products including Baidu network disk, Tencent Weiyun, and Tianyi cloud disk. It was found that except Baidu network disk, most network disk products did not match the download speed.Restrictions, but Baidu network disk user sharing is still the only one.According to the “2018 China Personal Cloud Disk Industry Research Report” released by iResearch, in September 2018, China Mobile’s personal cloud disk product monthly independent coverage ratio data, Baidu SkyDrive replaced 61.The market share of 6% ranks first. Huawei Cloud Services, Tianyi Cloud Disk, and Tencent Weiyun are ranked 234.”This market pattern has not changed significantly so far.”” On April 23, Wang Mengxuan told the sauna, Yewang. “According to our monitoring, the monthly usage of Tencent Weiyun is growing faster, but in the overall pattern it is still the only one in”Baidu SkyDrive is currently exploring a variety of profit-making methods, including member recharge, cloud printing services, content consumption, capacity packages, etc., to continuously improve its own traffic monetization ability, and Baidu’s own products can be mutually drained with NetdiskMore potential profit opportunities, so its user scale in the network disk industry has always been the leader.Wang Mengxuan said.Sauna and Yenet test found that Baidu Netdisk has the largest capacity free space by citing other netdisk products.Free users of Baidu SkyDrive have 2T of storage space, below which, Tencent Micro Cloud gives users 10G of storage space for free, Tianyi Cloud Disk 30G, Huawei Cloud 5G, Nut Cloud only has 1G upload space, 360 Security Cloud Disk evenThere is no free storage space, only 10G storage space can be tried for 30 days.“目前我国的网民许多是‘白嫖党’,不太可能为网盘付费,而在可以免费选择的诸多网盘中,百度网盘的免费存储空间最大,这也是大家普遍选择百度网盘的one of the reasons.”A network disk user told Sauna and Yewang.Compared with the services provided by the major network disks for unlimited downloads, the price of Baidu’s network disk belongs to the midstream level among the 10 network disk products. It provides 5TB of storage space at a price of 25 yuan per month, and Tencent Weiyun at 19 yuan per monthThe price provides 6TB storage space, Tianyi cloud disk provides 4TB storage space at the price of 19 yuan per month, the most expensive is Huawei Cloud, which provides 2TB storage space at the price of 68 yuan per month.In addition, the nut cloud starts at 16 per month.The price of 58 yuan provides 42G storage space, the storage space is the smallest.Wang Mengxuan said that due to the continuous consumption of basic resources such as storage and bandwidth, the conversion from free to looking for the benign development of the industry, but in the early stage of the industry, personal network disk service providers gave free gifts to users in order to occupy the first mover advantageThe highest T-level permanent storage space.The large storage space for free copyrights has become the user’s thinking inertia. Reversing the user’s free habit and improving the conversion rate still require long-term market education.However, in her view, service providers use speed limiting methods to artificially reduce the actual transmission speed of free users, thereby converting them to the reverse direction. The psychological gap of free users is too large and complains. This move also has a certain degree of reputation for the brand.Caused an impact.But for network disk service providers, the free model cannot support expensive storage and loan costs.According to the data provided by the “PaperClip”, Baidu Yangquan Data Center can store approximately 6.14 million TB of data. Assuming all 8TB × 18 storage servers are used, the hardware cost is 19.6 billion, an average of 319 per TB.5 yuan.If every 6 servers need a 2400W power supply for centralized power supply, then the data center costs 6 per hour.40,000 kWh, according to Yangquan City 0.With a commercial electricity standard of 45 yuan / degree, the photoelectricity fee is burned every year2.5 billion.In addition, the annual data network fee for a data center of this size is about 400 million.On the whole, even if hardware is not taken into account, for every 1TB of data stored in the Yangquan data center, the money spent on electricity and bandwidth costs 106 yuan per year.”If a network disk enterprise really wants to make a profit, each user must pay at least 100 yuan in membership fees. This is unrealistic for most of the” Bai Shi Party “who are used to free, so the cracked version of the software is so marketable.Li Xin said.The default “User Incentive Plan” raises controversy on how to improve the user experience. After the dispute broke out on Baidu’s online storage, another point of “public anger” was that it was replaced with “User Incentive Plan”, which occupied the user’s idle upload limit.Sauna, Yewang opened its Baidu network disk client and found that the words “Join User Incentive Program” appeared in the “Settings” position. Baidu noted that users participating in this program can share their own small amount of idle network bandwidth andComputer storage space contributes to the transmission speed of the network disk.At the same time, users will receive points rewards provided by Baidu SkyDrive. These points can be redeemed for Baidu SkyDrive super members, iQiyi VIP monthly cards, fast download coupons and other prizes, and they said, “No more point rewards after cancellation, please choose carefully.”Picture: Baidu network disk replacement reset opens the user incentive plan (reset cancels replacement).Some netizens believe that Baidu’s network disk is absorbing too many uploads from users to allow other users to download files, which essentially compresses their own servers.To proceed, Baidu SkyDrive released a new version on the PC side on April 21, which canceled all users of the “User Incentive Program” and stated that the program used a peer-to-peer (P2P) transmission technology.Mature and widely adopted, security is guaranteed, and many users apologize.It is understood that P2P transmission technology is actually the BT download that was once very popular in China.Fast broadcast, eMule, etc. have used this technology. Its feature is that the more people who download, the faster the download speed. It belongs to a decentralized download method, but basically can not solve copyright disputes. It represents fast broadcast on behalf of the company.It has long since closed down, and indirectly caused the BT download circle to become more and more hidden.According to corporate data, the number of judicial cases involving Baidu SkyDrive is as high as 4,346, mainly involving copyright disputes.”This technology itself has indeed existed for a long time. The key question is why Baidu SkyDrive can be replaced without expressing it to users, which will cause controversy.”Li Xin said.According to Wang Mengxuan, user education needs time, “The purely online disk business is under great profit pressure. At present, different manufacturers have differentiated in the field of network disk business. Many mobile phone manufacturers provide cloud disk services, which are mainly used forBack up the pictures or files of mobile phones, and the three major operators also have their own cloud disks. They focus on home services, can be tied to home broadband, connect smart cameras, etc., to meet the needs of new scenarios. Baidu has also introduced new chargesModes, such as single / single download charges.”Actually, part of Baidu SkyDrive is hard to shake. This is because most resources on the market now use links to Baidu SkyDrive. The address of the resource you are looking for is Baidu SkyDrive, so you are destined to download Baidu.It can be said that Baidu has sacrificed the cost of storage space in exchange for user traffic, but how to maintain long-term profitability and how to improve the user experience is a difficult problem.”Li Xin said.Sauna and Yewang tried to contact Baidu, but did not receive an official response when they terminated the article.Sauna, Ye Wang, Yidan Editor Li Weijia, proofreading He Yan

3600 completed the performance pledge last year, the epidemic situation plunged in the first quarter of this year

3600 completed the performance pledge last year, the epidemic situation plunged in the first quarter of this year
On April 24, Three Sixty Security Technology Co., Ltd. (601360.SH, hereinafter referred to as “three six zeros”) released the 2019 annual report, which showed that after 2017 and 2018, the gradual calculation exceeded 12.RMB 8.6 billion completed the 2019 performance commitment.In other words, only 33 in 2020.5.3 billion yuan (80% of promised performance)8%) to complete all promised performance.The 2019 annual report shows that the operating income is 128.RMB 410,000, a year-on-year decrease of 2.19%; net profit attributable to listed shareholders is 59.80 trillion yuan, an increase of 69 years.19%, net profit after deduction of 35.27 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 3.10%.Qihoo 360 was established in 2005, landed on the NYSE in 2011, and completed privatization and delisting in July 2016.In February 2018, March 60 officially landed on A shares.In April 2019, 37.The US $ 3.1 billion transfer of its shares in Chianxin held abroad, and then announced the start of government and enterprise security3.0 strategy, officially entered the field of government and enterprises.In 2019, 3060 won the bids for the network security industry base projects in Chongqing Hechuan District and Tianjin High-tech Zone, and the winning bid amounts were 2 respectively.RMB 39.5 billion and 2.RMB 51 billion.However, the above project has not yet completed the final completion project inspection, and part of the revenue has been confirmed according to the percentage of completion. The revenue of the security and other business segments to which government and enterprise affairs belong is 4.7.3 billion yuan, accounting for less than 4% of total revenue.At present, the company’s main revenue segment is still Internet advertising and services, with a revenue of 97.25 trillion yuan, down 8 every year.76%, because the market continues to grow, the advertising budget is concentrated on the right platform, and the center of gravity is biased towards the mobile terminal, and the three-six zero is still building a PC-side product matrix, launching PC applet applications, and its action on the mobile terminal is to launch 360Clean up the Master Speed Edition and improve the monetization efficiency.The 360 business also highlights its urban security business.The first urban safety brain emergency field project won the bid in 2019, and the amount won was about 1.18.6 billion; in order to promote the urban safety brain business, about 1 in 3060.US $ 19.8 billion is subscribed for the placement shares of Color Life and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties plan to date 3060 IoT and supporting solutions into Color Life and merge several communities.However, these investments have not yet affected the revenue structure of three or sixty.In addition, 360 said that its business center is more focused on the fine game operations of page games and end games, actively developing H5 games and overseas games, and upgrading the 360IoT smart hardware brand to 360 smart life, and expanding the lineNext, overseas, operators and other smart hardware sales channels, core products have undergone many iterations.The 2019 annual report shows that the annual income of Internet value-added services is 9.RMB 5.8 billion, down by 18 each year.68%, while the revenue from the smart hardware business is 16.76 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 65.20%.On the same day, 3600 also disclosed the first quarter of 2020 performance report.The report shows that the operating income for the first quarter was 22.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 16.74%; net profit attributable to listed shareholders is 3.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 44.42%, the net profit after non-deduction is 3.3.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.78%.360 said that since 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has had a certain impact on the company’s business plan and the progress of the landing. It has resulted in the gradual decrease in the reported operating income and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company. It will be evaluated in time.For the impact on the company’s financial situation, operation management, etc., make a good response plan to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic on the company’s operation.3600 also disclosed in its 2019 annual report that in January 2020, 360600 and Yi Hualu signed a framework cooperation agreement to jointly integrate a data lake security protection system centered on big data security and collaborate on the development of data resources;In 2020, it won the bid for the related project of Qingdao Cyber Security Industry Base, and the bid amount was 2.RMB 50.3 billion.Prior to the release of the aforementioned financial report, on April 22, 360 issued an announcement saying that its non-public offering of A shares had been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s Issuance Review Committee on March 6, and it had recently received approval documents.In May 2018, March 60 issued a fixed increase plan, with a planned non-public offering of no more than 13.5.3 billion shares, with a raised capital of no more than 10.8 billion yuan, will be used for security research and development and infrastructure, commercial products and services projects.Sauna, night net editor Liang Chen Yue Caizhou proofread He Yan

Zhengbang Technology’s hog sales revenue increased by nearly 20% month-on-month in April

Zhengbang Technology’s hog sales revenue increased by nearly 20% month-on-month in April
On May 6, Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zhengbang Technology” for short) released a briefing report on hog sales in April 2020.In April 2020, Zhengbang Technology sold hog48.680,000 heads, an increase of 19.95%, down by 15 every year.36%; achieved sales revenue of 21.1.7 billion, an increase of 19.31%, an annual increase of 127.26%.Information shows that Zhengbang Technology is mainly engaged in the production and sales of feed, pigs, veterinary drugs and pesticides.In January and April 2020, Zhengbang Technology sold a total of 153 hogs.510,000 heads, down 32 earlier.16%; gradually realize sales revenue of 65.6.3 billion, an annual increase of 117.2%.Zhengbang Technology said that the reason why the sales revenue of hogs in 4 months exceeded the growth is due to the increase in the price of hog sales.After replacing piglets, the average selling price of commercial pigs was 33.45 yuan / kg, a decrease of 4.16%; average weight reached 135.78 kg / head, an increase of 6.39%.Obviously, in the 2019 annual report, Zhengbang Technology mentioned that it plans to achieve 9 million to 11 million live pigs in 2020.However, from January to April 2020, Zhengbang Technology only sold 153 born pigs.510,000 heads, a gap of at least 7 million heads with the target.In response to the current status of slaughtering, at the 2019 annual performance online briefing session, Zheng Fei’s board secretary Wang Fei once responded to investors that his slaughtering of pigs will be mainly concentrated in the second half of the year.The amount will gradually increase.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan proofreading Li Shihui

10 works will be unveiled at the 6th Chinese New Year Children’s Drama Carnival

10 works will be unveiled at the 6th Chinese New Year Children’s Drama Carnival
The 6th Chinese New Year Children’s Drama Carnival will continue as scheduled to continue to accompany the children to celebrate the “two festivals” (New Year’s Day, Spring Festival).From January 1 to January 30, 2020, 43 performances of 10 works will accompany friends at home and abroad to spend the festive season and send the best wishes for the Spring Festival.Performance stills.During the Carnival, “The Legend of the Great Wall” “Where is the mother of the little butterfly?””Three Little Pigs, Change, Change”, “Little Jeep, Change, Change,” Pippi, Long Socks, “Little Truck, Change, Change,” “Treasure Ship,” “The Little Mermaid” and other repertoires will be in the Chinese Children’s Theater,The classic small theater for the holiday will be staged at the National Grand Theater; meanwhile, “Little Jeep, Change and Change” and “Idiom Rubik’s Cube” by Chinese children’s artists will go to Hong Kong, China to send joy to the children.The classic “Three Monks” of children’s art went to Chile, Peru and other countries to show the artistic charm of Chinese children’s drama to children abroad.Among them, it is worth mentioning that in order to let more children enjoy the nourishment of drama and add a joy to the festival, the China Children’s Art Theater went deep into the grassroots, carried out cultural poverty alleviation, and held the “Our Chinese Dream”-Culture into the WanjiaChinese children walked into Fuping public welfare performances, and gave 4 educational and fun children’s drama “Three Little Pigs · Change Change” to local children in need to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of grassroots children.Art is warm and childlike.Yin Xiaodong, Dean of China Children’s Arts, said: “In the past year, we have traveled together. With the care and support of friends and children, China Children’s Arts has achieved new achievements in the areas of creation, performance, drama education, and foreign exchange.We have created 5 new repertoires with different styles implanted and performed 585 performances. The performances are all over the motherland and the north and south of the country. Our foreign exchanges have reached more countries and regions.At the same time, we also initiated the ‘Campus Drama Activities Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 2019 Youth Drama Education Achievements Exhibition’. Many school children devoted their love for the new China to the works that created the performance.Teenagers are the future and hope of the motherland. In 2020, the China Children’s Arts Association will continue to uphold the concept of ‘all for children’ and create more and better works, which will not disappoint this era and the expectations of the audience.”The New Year Children’s Carnival for Children’s Dramas has been loved and expected by friends since it was held in 2015.It is understood that during this Carnival, the audience can exchange exclusive gifts through the “Online Punch” small program points, or they can go to the theater to participate in the “message board” activity, by expressing their views on the theater, get New Year giftsDuring this period, 30% discount is also available for joint purchases.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Xiangling

007 is in the same frame as US Team, Blade of the Blade is about to be released on the ground

“007” is in the same frame as “US Team”, “Blade of the Blade” is about to be released on the ground
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yan) November 5, a suspense movie directed by “007” Daniel Craig and “Captain America” Chris Evans, directed by “Star Wars” series director Ryan Johnson”Blade” is officially announced that it will be released in mainland China.In the film, “007” and “American Team” are transformed from traditional hero images.”Part-time job” Daniel Craig does not become James Bond, instead of Detective Blank, performing the gentle and charming local detective; Chris Evans of “laid-off and re-employment” completely frees himself, playing “rich three generations””Rich playboy.With the pleasant opening of the violin music, a noisy murder of hundreds of millions of people began.After the bizarre novelist’s bizarre death, family members accused each other, quarreling endlessly, causing the audience to cry and laugh.It is reported that the story proposed by director Ryan Johnson is more than a decade. What he really wants to highlight is the “defects” in the American family, and the foothold of the bizarre case is also due to the weakness of human nature.The film combines the elements of the classic Agatha Christie detective story with the current social background to create a new perspective suspense story with a unique perspective. Through the shell of the detective film, it explores a number of current immigration issues.Social topics such as categories, wealth, distribution mechanisms, and the gap between rich and poor.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Guo Li

[4 Differences between Blackcurrant and Grape]_ Putao_ Different

[4 Differences between Blackcurrant and Grape]_ Putao_ Different

There is not much difference between blackcurrant and grape in appearance, but blackcurrant will be slightly larger than grapes. It is between the two varieties. Whether it is from the place of origin or nutrition, there will be a big difference. Blackcurrant is native toAbroad, because it is rich in vitamins, can treat a variety of diseases, it is also processed and eaten by people. Grapes are ordinary fruits and have vitamins, but they are not as nutritious as blackcurrants.

Blackcurrant Blackcurrant Le Thai, Altai, Qinghe, Fuhai).

Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia and northern Korea are also distributed.

Type specimens were taken from Sweden.

Nutritional value Blackcurrant, also known as black currant, black bean fruit.

It is a shrub with a plant height of about lm and fruits with black impurities.

The main producing areas of the world are in northern Europe. The main producing countries and regions are Poland, the Russian Federation, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

In 1998, the total world output reached 601519t.

The main planting areas of blackcurrant in China are distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, and Xinjiang.

In Europe, blackcurrant has been one of the important raw materials for fruit juice production.

It is also used to produce flavors or colorants for jams, jellies, liqueurs, dairy products, and fruit wines.

Blackcurrant is very rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, anthocyanins, and phenols.

Known health benefits of blackcurrant include prevention of gout, anemia, edema, arthritis, rheumatism, oral and throat diseases, cough, etc.

Edible fruits are rich in various vitamins, sugars and organic acids, especially vitamin C, and are mainly used for the manufacture of jams, fruit wines and beverages.

The nutritional value of grapes The nutritional content of grapes is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

The mature high-medium grapes have a sugar content of up to 10% -30%, with glucose as the main ingredient.

A variety of fruit acids in grapes help digestion, eat more grapes properly, can strengthen the stomach and stomach.

Grapes contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron, as well as various vitamins B1, B2, B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin P. They also contain a variety of amino acids needed by the human body. Regular grapes are debilitating and over fatigued.Very toxic.

Studies have found that grapes can better prevent thrombosis than aspirin, and can lower human serum levels, reduce platelet cohesion, and have a certain effect on preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Consuming an appropriate amount of fresh grapes every day will not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease complications, but also benefit the health of those with localized local heart disease and atherosclerotic hypertension.

Flavonoids in fresh grapes can “wash” the blood and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaque.

The more black the grapes are, the more flavonoids are contained, but if the grape skin and grape seeds are eaten together, the protective effect on the heart is better.

Medicinal value Chinese medicine believes that grape is flat, sweet and sour, enters the lungs, spleen, kidney meridian, has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, Shengjin fluid, strengthening bones, relieving cough and annoying, nourishing qi and blood, and urination and urination.

The content of resveratrol in grape skin and the proanthocyanidins in grape seeds are higher than those of other parts of grapes, and higher than most other fruit trees. They have extremely high medicinal value and have become important nutritional merger products worldwide.

[Frying meat sticking tips]_How to do_How to do

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[How to remove sulfur from red dates?

】 _Date_How to remove

[How to remove sulfur from red dates?
】 _Date_How to remove

There are a lot of nutrients in red dates, and they are also helpful to human health.

If you use red dates to soak in water every day, you can play a role in warming your body over time.

However, the quality of red dates sold on the market today is uneven, and there are still some red dates added with sulfur.

So the question is, if there is sulfur in the red dates purchased, what method should be used to quickly remove them?

You can use water to remove the sulfur in the red dates, but all the red dates have been smoked with sulfur. If it is a red date from the manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed.

So remind friends when buying red dates, pay more attention to the product information behind their packaging bags, otherwise it will be easy to buy fake products. Look at the color of red dates 1, the color of good jujube skin is purple, and the color is a little heavier.It’s like burgundy, and it is relatively bright, and that kind of dates is better; 2, the color of good dates should be uniform, the uneven color may be caused by the long storage time and the emergence of insects, you need to check it carefully; 3If there is a perforation at the pedicle of the red date or a brown or dark brown powder sticks to it, it means that it has been crushed by the insect. If you open the date, you can see the insect feces between the meat cores.

Second, look at the appearance of red dates 1. The red dates are large and uniform, short and round, and the tops are square, and the surface wrinkles are fine. 2. The quality of uniform and intact date varieties is more reliable. 3. If the red dates areThere are perforations or brown or dark brown powder sticking at the end, indicating that they have been crushed by the insects. If you open the date, you can see insect feces between the meat cores.

Third, the feel of jujube 1, the feeling of light red dates, fine flesh; 2, soft and rough feel is not dry, poor quality; 3, soft and sticky hands, indicating that it is very moist, can not be stored for a long time.

Fourth, taste the taste of red dates 1, cut open the red dates, the flesh is pale yellow, thin and solid, there is no thread connected, the quality of the sweet and waxy entrance;Insufficient or sour quality.