rontier people, loyal to the sword in their hands, can not willing to be loyal not to a hero seriously the court, in that case, it is anti-right.

  Kneeling nod Gu Yu Niang looked up in amazement, more than a dozen generals shouted life and momentum of a mighty force, she never thought, this time shouting anti, it turned out to be Pei Naochun general, this time, the two princes also board base it?
  On that day, Pei Naochun will point the army and border Zhucheng, one speech, the meaning is very simple, Kurtis country to independence, no longer belongs to the Xia Dynasty, if refused to leave, you can leave, give all food belongings taken away, never occupation of a dime speech end soo北京夜生活网n ten cities in the wide open, fired three days, as long as want to go, will arrange the army escorted them away.
  Within three days, not even one person, one car, choose to leave, so only a few dozen families, asked the soldiers, so that they could write to their relatives back to.
  Wall above Pei Pei Yuzhuo Naochun and fight side by side, they looked down to see that no road, the past few days, many people who are worried, standing on the road, the soldiers will be sent outside the city, even no one stepped up.
  ”Father, I.”Pei Yuzhuo standing behind his father, she now are in a trance, for her, as if this day should be changed.
  ”Yuzhuo, you and I said back, you do not want to marry early out, this life just to live backyard.”Pei Naochun softly opening, wind, to follow his hair flying.
  ”Ah, I said.”Pei Yuzhuo always like 深圳桑拿网to talk with his father, two people do not say no.
  ”I want my daughter, not only peace and happiness in this life, but also unrestrained and, after today, maybe the whole Xia, will all angry, but I do not regret.”
  ”I do not regret.”
  ”As for the future.This is how the world will be, perhaps you, not with me.”Pei Naochun stand straight, watching from afar, and he did not intend to Xia dry bitter end, after the war, the people must work hard.
  Among Kyoto, u

o this?”Pei Naochun immediate opening.

  Gu liang immediately knelt down, knock ring head, she was very ashamed, to Gu, she can only be dragged into the water of the Pei family: “My daughter is the Gu Chengxiang two daughters, holds many lessons my father, brother Prince have been framed prison, that Kyoto has been in turmoil, my daughter saw a return to his father, he wanted me to tell杭州龙凤网 you that once the family returned to Beijing Pei inevitably suffer disaster.”She made up a big lie, which can be considered two of the biggest things done her life, she lied general Pei, told him that the prince intends to usurp the throne, first of all to the two high officials to resolve civil and military, the civil service, she has been under father the prison, the military attache, naturally bring a head Kurtis surgery.
  As for what the Crown Princess, is by no means Teng way of heaven, but a decoy, so Pei family members to lay down their military power, into the Kyoto.
  She fell down to the ground, the body trembling, fear Pei Naochun refused to believe, Gu liang to this day, most worried about is not the husband of the two princes, Pei Yuzhuo you can convince rebel father?
  ”You come here specifically, for what?”If 广州桑拿网it were not arranged in Kyoto Pei Naochun informant in return message, he almost thought that the three princes and a good discussion in advance Gu liang, two people ‘lie’ how to be with each other and so the series stretch it?
  ”I just Pei general help protect my father, brother life.”
  Pei Naochun silent, stood up, looked around for years ran his own campaign, blood in and out of the brothers: “Since North Korea ruthless.”
  Pei Yuzhuo I do not know why, fierce heart jumped up, looked at her father’s side head, hands clasped.
  ”That anti-right.Under “He gave the order, and looked resolute.
  ”Anti him!”Gentlemen, General Hitter support, he looks very serious, is a three princes, one Gucheng Xiang’s daughter, they said the DPRK wants Xiemoshalv issue, loyal to their f

go into battle wearing armor these killings, we have been to this point, and they did not miss us!”He Lengheng,” and that the three princes, we do not also get tools when entropy wins it?Ridiculous, what we considered Pei Jiajun.”

  There are also cautious manner, hesitantly spoke up: “Could it be that misinformation?I used to escort the goods back to Beijing, I heard a few back, Prince has a good reputation, not what people off the greater evil of.”
  You made my language, full of confusion, that is, at this time, that the Guards again: “General, asked to see come to Kyoto.”
  ”who?”Pei Naochun frown opening, he can not arrange someone asked to see.
  ”Gucheng Xiang’s family.”
  ”Let her com南宁桑拿e.”Pei Naochun lengleleng, guessed to come, can not help but laugh, this really should be a sentence ‘Northwest Shanxi in turmoil’.
  Gu liang busy schedule, she receives a message when a bit late, his father and brother Prince security has been the name of the first under the jail, but that the two princes to play it safe, saying only that if my father and my brother did not do, will not be wrong to her whole body chills, her husband is also implicated by the trapped Prison Department, she was desperate, so she took the women up and down Gu, rushed to the West, but time is running out, her fear of delay, they found a high-priced two grooms, endlessly day and night, just to be able to arrive early.
  She did not think she made all sorts of choice, was actually more harm father and brother, she was hearing the bizarre will, he guessed righ佛山桑拿网t, Prince, Prince Edward I’s heavy work, apparently not miss betrayal Gu, she is now to seize the last straw, is the family of PEI.
  Gu liang entered the room, he saw Pei Yuzhuo, she was wearing light armor, standing there, particularly majesty, the moment, like crossed the interval of time, then saw a tall 深圳桑拿网horse riding to Beijing two princes Princess.Everyone has changed, but she seems never changed.
  ”You’re Gu Chengxiang family?What are you doing t

yoto.”That come immediately someone into the tent, which is Pei Naochun bodyguard, he respectfully took the letters come in,” the messenger was still waiting outside.”

  Pei Naochun immediately took over, directly in front of the open front of everybody, Yimushihang to sweep again, and then directly on the table: “Look.”This letter was sent three princes, the top of the crown prince, he became heinous describe the villain, when the pilgrimage, it is old and confused do evil.
  The letter, even Pei Naochun did not know in advance that, in fact, he remembers in the original, there are so anonymous messenger guy, they arranged with their own Guards, to the joint point, sent an anonymous letter, on top will simply write about the chaos 深圳桑拿网in Kyoto, Hunkui pre-murder and other things on his holy, I did not expect, not to the people he arranged, the letter was actually the first to the three princes.
  Many generals huddled together to see the letter, they see ahead, describing how Prince Gong people are tortured, when insulted ladies, he began to Pei Yuzhuo worth, Prince disgust, anger and even students from many feel in trampling on the holy Kurtis only child, After seeing behind, the three princes wrote a nose with eyes, he says it is prepared on how to fool the general palace to a Banquet, direct killing of the holy, and finally pulled Miss banner, when snatched military power, and finally anger reached its apex.
  Staff head a teeth typical: “so many years, we would have to be anti-backwards!Kurtis from top to bottom, all the people to sell their lives for the coun佛山桑拿网try, our blood, sweat, their excessive pleasure in Kyoto, holds many lessons for just a victory, killed outside Shiguweihan brethren, he went so far as is necessary to imagine a hero of the dry Chu Zhedeng thing!Shameless!”
  Always impulsive lieutenant has been flushed: “Manchao always heavy paper light weapons, w苏州夜网e do not even forage, weapons are detained with no hair, if you start a general rectification, we will

un mainly soldiers next moment without hesitation, immediately plug the eunuch mouth taken away, the rest of the soldiers also immediately got up, panic into the camp, unable to speak, Pei Yuzhuo followed behind, looks a bit bleak, her heart was split into two halves, one hand over her father and moved, may on the other hand, think of it at the root of his own father became Kangzhi, I feel ashamed.

  ”Gentlemen.”Pei Naochun thought for a moment, slowly opening,” Yuzhuo is my only child, my life, does not intend to train others, it will, I can not take.”
  Several nod lieutenant are able to understand, in fact, in their view, Pei family no credit has elbow grease, and then how, to Kurtis only child betrothed out on St. mi苏州夜网nimum should be informed in advance Pei general cry, such direct decreed, be what’s going on?Who is not mixed up in the Kyoto, and even the election on Princess St., a draft must go through the courts, the prince married, which is not previously put the wind back, ready to do with the announcement, how they turn to Pei general杭州桑拿, they so set the?Do not even have a say in, Pei generals in the border whether her daughter a pro.
  ”General, it is better return on your St., Little General has engaged?”Staff immediately thought of a way, he began outrageous in my heart began to complain when the pilgrimage, when it comes to Kurtis generations slight respect, also not doing such a thing, if the next oral instructions better said, which is directly under purpose, be what’s going on.
  Pei Yuzhuo hesitated spoke up: “Father, I.”She wanted to agree, if it affected only her, better said, but if affects the father, she million dead without any hesitation.
  ”I said, I will deal with things, you believe me on the line.”Pei Naochun opening softly, his hands on the table tap, just waiting for him predisposed people to this day, he waited a very long time, even if y杭州桑拿ou really want backwards, they have very good reason, there is an excuse.
  ”Pei generals, sent a letter of K

s, Pei Yuzhuo effort, talent, were all looking in the eyes of the people of the border, the soldiers, they never want over all this actually will be overturned an imperial decree.

  ”Pei general not Jiezhi?”The eunuch asked, frowning, his face discontent.
  Pei Yuzhuo putting the pot under cold water poured, she thought, to their own border, will be able pressing father’s footsteps, move forward one step, the next frontier guard with his father, I did not expect, she was so became the Crown Princess.
  She shoul深圳桑拿网d be happy it?
  Her aunt, but just when the Queen towards her cousin and cousin, the palace many times, have seen beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming in grand palace for the Queen, the post into the house, even in this life to see their parents , have to rely on summoned to see, normally, not only to please the holy, but also make the balance of the harem, she admission, not the ability, nor the idea.
  How can I do?Under imperial power, life is like grass, Kurtis not as large as family like to be able to guard the emperor, which led her to do Kurtis destroyed it down Qingyu years?But also as a person of her father Kangzhi, it involved the whole family?
  Pei Yuzhuo is thinking, I heard the head of the kneeling father slowly rise up, stand up straight, she looked down did not look up, just look at this piece of land, once returned to Kyoto, it should be in this life, she could no longer come here.
  ”Shunan from life.”Pei Naochun has been straightened, and his face was cold, his hand on the sword, not the least bit shaken, uproar all around.
  ”Pei general, you want Kangzhi?”That eunuch to the extreme consternation, increas杭州龙凤论坛ingly sharp voice, he carefully stepped back two steps, distance, out of fear of Pei Naochun saber.
  Pei Naochun did not say anything, just a wave: “Take him to win!After the first detention camp.”He turned back to the camp, sitting at the table, a word not say anything, even another surprise, in this barracks, is all to Pei Naoch

t number, give all the sacrifice, they are also essential beating to come back, then at least you have to keep two years and be ready always to do well in advance that he will not tolerate accidents.

  ”General, you heard a苏州夜网 little general advise it, that you keep a good body, all say.”There are a lot of lieutenant, are accompanied by side, looking at the map together, their ideals, are also completely wiped out rather towards, Pei Naochun body can, in their view, is above all this.
  ”You do not understand.”Pei Naochun was about to speak, I heard soldiers outside had come in, looked serious, and immediately knelt down,” General, sent a decree Kyoto, edicts eunuch had come to the West door and get ready Jiezhi.”
  In ancient times, Jiezhi not a trivial matter, the order, the outside has already begun, quickly setting up the incense table and other objects, Pei Pei Yuzhuo also Naochun leading scorer, went to the door, waiting for the decree, he was confused, I do not know this so-called sudden decree anything, but in the next listening session, his face mo南宁桑拿论坛re and more strange –
  ”Bong, carrier-day emperor, Chik said.Daughter of General Pei, virtuous Shukutoku.”That’s an eunuch Qiazhao peculiar shrill voice spoke the imperial edict things by the book, the content very simple, that is, you want to Pei Yuzhuo called the Crown Princess, choose auspicious married, and to the town of Jiang Pei Naochun remove the post of major general immediately bring back the Kyoto woman holding a wedding, “Chin this.”
  He knelt down dozens of generals, speechless, and even the soldiers also looked at each other next to the.
  If in the view of ordinary people, to become Crown Princess, when it is a good thing, but they have eyes, the general is to know Pei Pei little general as his successor to develop, even Pei Naochun directly subordinate of you to say it out loud , if the campaign, he had a problem, the rest of the things will be fully entrusted to Pei Yuzhuo to deal with the past few year

excited hand began to tremble, his childhood playmate, the body is much more healthy than he, and not an only child, was conscripted into the army, at the battle of a few years ago, lost their lives, back when the bones have been incomplete, Yongming, fill out a safe limit.

  Many people, Wang Erhu face was somewhat flushed up: “Dad, I can eat pears to do Pei Little General?”He and many c杭州龙凤网hildren of the same age, always have some strong psychological Mu, general Pei Pei little general, they are in the role play, the characters often appear, he had just heard people say, this time the big prince It is to kill Pei little General!
  When Pei Yuzhuo on the battlefield are not so tight at the moment but some Xiujiong 杭州夜网论坛up, striking visible, all the people were so excited but happy faces, waving hands, and then to throw it forward – the colors of onion ginger garlic chives, she I can see they are all a kindness, but this body, inevitably tainted a little taste, she could not help but to laugh helplessly.
  ”Get used to it.”Pei Naochun with a smile looking back at his daughter, he Shenseziruo, picked up the onion seedlings fell into his arms, shook directed at them,” This is they want to give you the best gift.”
  ”Ok.”Pei Yuzhuo just laugh, just back to God, saw a little boy, is riding on the man’s shoulder, trying to lean over and hand stretched very straight, holding two pears, threatens to fall can not afford, it is dangerous, she hastened to help him a, pears took the hand and shook his head, cautioned: “be careful.”
  Wang Erhu hoarse wi无锡夜网th emotion, he sat back in his father’s shoulders, forced Bai Zhaoshou: “Pei Little General, I’ll have to like you, do the generals!”His eyes were shining, especially longing, like a little general that Pei heard, like, holding pear shook him, asking him excitedly holding father’s head,” Dad, you see yet?Pei Little General received my pear!”
  ”Saw, I saw the.”Helpless father, took him down in his arms,” you ah, almost to my neck snapped.”He l

r gently Britain Britain, adjust the posture, his arch higher.

  Wang Erhu tightly clutching the hands of two pears, which was originally intended to be frozen up for the winter time to eat, he waited several days, pick the biggest roundest, just 广州桑拿waiting to give Pei eat Little General.
  He is a “war orphans”, originally lived in a small village outside the West, six years ago, toward the king with troops invaded Nanjing, to the West, but they first took these villages surgery that day, the whole village, almost all blood, he was an infant, and seve杭州桑拿ral children, were hidden in the cellar of the village, until the cavalry arrived Kurtis, he has no parents, children, under the village except for them, only a few women of live, original that Ning Zhaojun team, the promise is that they want to do prostitutes charge, and later when Pei Jiajun had time, then under the protection of their lives, the women are struggling to feed their many children, if not later, General Pei Pei with the little General they bring back the city life, chances are that the village has long been all over.
  He and several other children without parents, went into the foundling, then gradually go to be adopted, his adoptive parents, in the West which runs a tofu restaurant, Pei every little general, he would give her an openly.
  Wang Erhu was very nervous, wide-eyed, never blink of an eye, and even have some s深圳桑拿网our eyes up, and soon he was looking man finally appeared in the vision among the beginning, is the patron saint of the whole West Side, Pei General behind him, it is a little general Pei, after a previous two large stature gap can be very powerful.
  ”A lot of head!”Wang Erhu heart some huddle, the surface can be nothing but fear, straight chest, his hands held high,” Dad, are not bad people are sent packing.”
  ”Yes, the bad guys have been sent packing Pei General.”Coax his father with a smile, some moist eyes, to see those who have been hanging head, he does not feel like a child afraid, but

ould book with so much hatred Yang!”You know, the book Yang Lin village in the degree of popularity of seven-Pass, but better than those educated y深圳桑拿网outh difference blanket!

  Ruan rain, “To people do not know is done by night, Yang Lin and if a good book, people will naturally not be covered with large Sap!”
  Nguyen rain forest behind the book Young face ashen.
  However, his face was swollen out of shape, so even if I can not see what is livid to look.
  Lin Yang, the book took a deep breath, “Ruan rain, you do not red-white teeth of innocent people.”
  Nguyen rain turned round, looked confused, “Lin Yang book, how you were here?”Paused,” you can actually get out of bed, it seems that people do not start re-ah!”
  Lin Yang book despite the pain in his face, he asked, “Nguyen rain, is not you?”
  ”Yes I do?”Ruan rain blinking, one I do not understand the way.
  Yang Lin followed the book to a square Grain Rain, poor sound track, “rain, I know you do not like me, but you do not play book Yang ah!”
  To be honest, Yang Lin book was hit people face while bruising, and two days before Guyu party was stung by a bee, a swelling, say the two men really have similarities, and that is the same as the face of a pig.
  Nguyen rain cynical, “Fang Guyu, I do not like you, but why should you play because they do南宁桑拿论坛 not like the book Lin Yang?You and Lin Yang book and what is the relationship?What right have I to question?”
  For a few questions to ask the party Guyu surprise.
  Waiting for her answer, Nguyen rain continues, “Fang Guyu, book your favorite Yang Lin is your thing, you love how on how to make do, stay away from me, because you see it on bitches, I think vicious!”
  Punish these words can be described as the heart.
  Gu Yu Fang is the county cadres to jump the queue, while book Yang Lin as the top students in seven Pass village, two people go out, people may all be flattering, to Nguyen rain here, but saying a bitches, vicious look.
  Which two men would not be angry.
  Lin Yang patrol